Becoming a Court Reporter

If you’ve been following me on Facebook, you may know I talk from time to time about being a college student. If you don’t know, I’m going to school to become a court reporter. I’m currently working on my fourth year in this program. In all honesty it’s been way harder than I ever expected. Every day I practice on my steno writer for hours. I write in a completely different language called steno, and then I create my own dictionary using software to translate the Steno into English. It’s pretty fascinating. Some days I have good writing days and others aren’t so great. It’s definitely a labor of love that takes a lot of tenacity and patience. 📚

In order to graduate I have to write at 225 words per minute; I’m currently at 200. I’m hoping 2020 will be my year to become a court reporter and I’ll pass that last test. Some days if I seem quiet on Facebook, this is why. I’m working hard to better my craft, and to one day be able to say I am a court reporter. If you want to follow along with my boutique & my court reporting journey, follow me on Facebook at


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