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Little Black Necklace

Little Black Necklace Every outfit, especially your little black dress, needs a little black necklace to pull of the look.  This necklace is sure to become your new go-to for every outfit. 15 3/4" Length

Alvena Earrings

So a little secret... these are seriously my favorite. They are so gorgeous in person! I truly mean it. They are so beautiful that you’ll immediately step into confidence from the moment you put these earrings on. They are everything and then some! 

Karly Earrings

Doesn't black go with everything?! Yep, it sure does. I love how these earrings can be a statement piece but also add sophistication to your outfit too. These are sure to be your new favorite pair of earrings, and I can’t wait for you to snatch them up! 

Amanda Earrings

Have you discovered the awesomeness of tassel earrings yet?! If you have or have not, they are sort of the best thing ever! They tangle and add a fun pop of color to your outfit. Any pair of earrings can complete an outfit but these pair make the outfit! 

Ella Trio Hair Pin Set

My Favorite thing about this set is each pin compliments each other. So want to wear it together? Yep, you can. Want to wear them separate? Yep, you can. I love that they are versatile to mix and match! And let’s be honest... how fun are these? 

Raelynn Necklace

Isn't there a quote somewhere that says it’s the simple things that count? And that’s exactly why I love this necklace. It’s simplistic but still can completely change the look of your outfit. I love the dash of white to enhance any shirt you are wearing! 

Cindy Necklace

Don’t you just love the look of this layered necklace? It gives your outfit dimension. No matter if your top is printed floral, polka dot, or a solid color, this necklace makes for that perfect accent piece. It simply goes with everything! 

Madelyn Necklace

I love the simplicity of this necklace. No matter if you are someone who loves to layer necklaces or wear them solo, this necklace does just that. It’s sophisticated with a just pop of gray but can be all your outfit needs to take it from an 8 to a total 10!! 

Beverlee Necklace

So a little know fact... I love this necklace! It’s got sass and grace and the gray beads make this ultra easy to pair with your favorite outfit! It’s not every day you come across a necklace as good as this one, but today is the day! 

Jessie Necklace

Something about the tassels on this necklace makes it have the perfect swing. Wear this over your favorite dress and dance the night away. You’ll love how versatile this is, but yet super easy to style! 

Heidi Necklace

Ready or not winter is here, and I love all the fall colors in this layered necklace. It’s got the best colors and the quality is amazing on this necklace. You girl will regret not getting this... so don’t miss out before it sells out! 

Seraphina Necklace

If looks could kill, these necklace would knock me dead because this necklace is a gem. I love the stone and the layered necklace look. And did you notice the price of this?! Dang, that’s a steal!